Buying a Trailer Hub Cap


A trailer hub cap might seem like a trivial accessory for your trailer, but these little metal covers are more than just decorative. They protect the wheel bearings from dirt, sand, water and road salt that will destroy them over time. They also keep the wheel nut from rusting and ruining your threads. And, they make changing your trailer wheels a whole lot easier.

If you're looking for tough, durable trailer hubcaps that can stand up to harsh environments and rough use, then you'll want to check out this ones from Stemco. It has an inner and outer bearing and a grease seal and fits all 4 and 5 stud American trailer wheels. It's not the cheapest option but it is made from heavy duty cast iron that will hold up to a lot of abuse. Plus, it has a nice design and screws into place instead of just being pressed on like some others.

Another great trailer hub cap option is this one from Tie Down Engineering. It has a weight capacity of 1750 lbs and an inner and outer bearing. It's a bit pricier than some of the other options but it's made in the USA from quality materials. It also has a dust cap that screws into place rather than just being pushed on which is a nice touch. Plus, it has a nice design with the number printed on the back of the bearing which makes figuring out which hub to order a breeze.

Having the right trailer hub cap will help you avoid problems like overheating and will extend your bearing life. If you have questions about what type of trailer hub cap your trailer needs, you should talk to a parts counter person at a trucking supply store. They can tell you whether your trailer has Parallel or Narrow spindles and which bearing size is best. They might even be able to recommend the perfect grease for your specific type of trailer. Check out this source for more info on hub caps.

If your trailer is equipped with oil bath hubs then you'll need a different type of grease than if it has greased ones. For instance, oil-bath trailer hubs usually run best with a specific gear oil, while greased ones will work with standard marine grade grease.

One thing that many people overlook when buying a trailer hub cap is the grease seal. It's important to get the right grease seal for your trailer because this will ensure that the proper amount of grease is being put on the inside of the hub. If too little grease is on the inside of the hub then it will cause heat and accelerate bearing wear. Similarly, if too much grease is on the inside of the hub then there will be a lubrication problem and your trailer will have trouble turning smoothly.

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